The best ‘thank you’ we can receive is a referral from an appreciative client. If you are happy with the work we’ve done for you, why not share our information with a company who is in need of IT business services?

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    Cloud Services: We’ll design a cloud solution that’s just right for you. Whether you’ve got 10 applications or 100, we’ll make sure your data is hosted securely and available when you need it.

    Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery: We keep your data protected and up-to-date by continually backing it up and leveraging cloud technologies to keep it safe and secure. 24×7 Tech Support: You need help when you need it! Our Service Desk is locally staffed and available to you around-the-clock to fix computer problems that arise at any hour of the day.

    Security & Compliance: You’ve got loads of confidential and personally identifiable information (PII) and it’s critical that you protect it. From Phishing Training & Testing to complete Managed Network Security, we’ll help you minimize your risk and keep your data safe.

    Technology Planning & Road Mapping: As our’ client, you’ll benefit from regular strategy sessions, quarterly business reviews and technology road-mapping with your dedicated account management team. Contact us to find out how Infoplay Technologies can help your firm grow through technology!