Small business tech support used to happen on-site no matter what.
But with the advent of remote IT services, the need for 24/7-on-site support has diminished. Infoplay Technologie’s business computer technicians can resolve many of your IT issues using remote access tools.

This list covers only a few of the many ways remote IT services can benefit your business. Thousands of businesses, worldwide, use and rely on remote access software and services as a primary part of their IT structure. From small family-owned operations to huge multinational corporations to educational institutions, remote access software has become integral to daily IT functioning.

The phrase, remote IT services, refers to a system that allows a person to connect to and use a specific computer or network from a remote location. That way, your IT consultants won’t have to make you wait until they can physically come out of the office when you experience a problem. They can address your concern remotely using remote access software.

  • Access a specific desktop, laptop, or server
  • Manage files on the computer or server
  • Update server software
  • Run diagnostic and maintenance programs
  • Train end users on new software and protocols

Using remote technology support services offers numerous advantages, but the three primary benefits are:

FLEXIBILITY – Remote access technology allows flexibility when you need IT support. If you feel you need to meet with your assigned network administrator face-to-face, you certainly can, but with remote IT services, you can also opt to get some guidance right away through remote access.

DECREASED COSTS – Since IT administrators can address certain problems off site, it eliminates the need to have an in-person visit for addressing every little issue that may occur. This reduces downtime and the increased costs of having someone drive out to your office. That can add up to substantial savings.

24/7 ACCESS – Your assigned network administrator has access to your network round the clock. Our Braintek Brains set alerts that notify them anytime your network experiences a glitch or issue… no matter the time of day. They may know of a potential issue and correct it even before you do.

As remote access tools continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, they will continue to become increasingly important for daily operations. Your team at Infoplay Technologies will always have the latest remote access tools available for your use and benefit